diciembre 27, 2013


Selfies are some of the most shared content nowadays. In fact, if something represents Social Media in its most pure essence, it is the Selfie. A portrait of one self made by ourselves is more than a picture. It is the vision captured by our own eye, not by somebody elses, made to be shared. Isn't that what Social Media is all about? Present ourselves the way we see us? The way we want to be seen?

Celebrities, politicians and the average Joe use them. They give a sense of closeness, of humanity... real people in a digitalized world. They tell a story of what we show as well as of what we hide. They are also the perfect metaphore of a mobile world. Most of them are taken by our camera equipped mobile devices. Even the device is sometimes present in the picture. And the gadget tells about us too. The model, the cover, the way we handle it, the way it has become an extension of our persona.

Companies have much to learn about the "selfie movement".
  • First, because it can be used as a tool. A foundation to construct a profile of our potential customers. A means to understand who they are, what they like, how they see themselves, how they want to be seen, what their interests are. The pilar to filter big data and morph it into a real self. A market researcher's wet dream. If we want to triumph in Social, we must understand the value of the selfie.
  • Second, because it is a way in which Companies too can present themselves to the world. A Company's selfie is a gesture of transparency. A vehicle to show its day to day life, the faces behind the brand. We are not longer our products, we are Social... we, as companies, are Human. Companies are organic selfs, they are alive, living entities, living organisms interacting with society.
  • Third, because selfies are content, story tellers. In the world of Social, stories rule. Our message has to be shaped into a story to capture the eye of the stakeholders. If we want to build meaningful relationships with them, we have to target the hearts of our customers more than their minds. Project emotions, more than data. A selfie of our company does that better than anything else. It makes those relationships personal.

Think about it...

Link to an interesting article about some of the most celebrated selfies of 2013

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