febrero 15, 2013


Twitter Meteorite About to shatter Google's Earth

Last night I was about to go to sleep… heck! I was already in bed… with my iPhone..  Social Media Addict that I am…, checking for twitter activity, when a shower of meteorite related twits rained all over my timeline.

My first though was to remain skeptical. I vaguely remembered glimpsing, earlier in the day, over a few twits about an asteroid that was going to pass nearby our beautiful earth. It was a great opportunity for twitter rumor yonkies to newsjack the event, make up a few fake videos, post them online, leak a few links to news addicts and virally spread the fake.

However, tons of video footage mushroomed everywhere in my TL. Way too many to be part of the joke of a few webpranksters buffooning around. The meteorite was real.

My Social Media self took immediate charge of my insomnia.What an amazing opportunity to measure the power of Social Media!

I typed the word “meteorite” into twitter search. Hundreds of twits filled up with links to video and pictures emerged on the fly.

I typed the same word in google. Wikipedia, adwords selling meteorite samples… nothing about the Russian events at that time.

Social Sharing was overpowering google’s algorythm!

Twitter is an amazing tool to promote content, virally spread ideas, share thoughts on the fly, speak out, engage, chat… but, without any doubt, twitter is one of the most powerful search engines around.  In a sense, it is a competitor for Google, and, as well as for the search giant, searches should be its most important  line of revenue. They just need to figure out the least intrusive, most efficient way to monetize it… and they will. When they do find out... Could Twitter be Google's Dinosaur Meteorite Event?

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