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No more waiting! Time has come and it’s here with a sizeable jump of three, no less, operating system numbers in a leap.  Adapting still to OS7 and its very juicy innovations, (voice over wifi among BlackBerry users included), BlackBerry enthusiasts were jumping head over heels when, last November, RIM announced BlackBerry 10 to be presented on Jan 30th, 2013.

Downhill curve in market share, distressed at the continued loss of their once legendarily loyal customer base, many were the rumors about the future of RIM. A few months ago I had a conversation with two "BlackBerry Evangelists" about to give up on RIM.  Both speculated of being taken over by some giant internet mogul (Jeff Bezos’ comments about evaluating the possibility of Amazon stepping upon the mobile hardware business, emerged strong in the conversation).  They even told me that the only way for RIM to survive would be to surrender to the siren song of Android and become one of a long list of manufacturers that leverages the Google mobile operating system.

In my opinion, this movement would have been a mistake, a poison pill under the tongue, treacherous knife stuck in the heart of RIM’s corporate culture. An irreversible leap into oblivion in shameful disgrace. Not adaptation, but rendition. The killing of RIMs most valuable asset: its independence.

BlackBerry’s new platform 10 hits high score on its basics:

1.       Security and Privacy: its encryption system is nonnegotiable. The Blackberry ecosystem seems bulletproof in regard to privacy, one of the most valued properties by members of the lucrative and very attractive segment of business executives.
2.       Unique User Experience The very rapid learning curve BlackBerry system remains intact. Now they’ve combined it with a pleasantly cool, and impressively zappy online browsing.
3.       Strong relations with Mobile Operators WorldWide: the use of its own servers relieves operators from tons of traffic management they can profit upon in addition to its chunk of BB plans.  

The outcome from this move seems very encouraging. I strongly believe there is a very profitable market waiting for what RIM is offering, only time will tell us if this resurrection attempt came on time to save one of mobile’s most iconic enterprises.

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